LRQA ensures ownership of 'Business Assurance' in new-look brand campaign

LRQA Business Assurance methodology links assessment services to better business performance

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) has renewed its commitment to 'Business Assurance' as the foundation of its brand, a move management believes better illustrates the wider benefits that their global service portfolio brings to the market.

The announcement came as the management-systems industry leader introduced a new methodology to help clients link LRQA's technical assessments to better business performance.

"Assessments should be about more than just a certificate of approval," said Mike James, LRQA Managing Director. "They should deliver findings that help organisations to improve their performance and reduce their risk. That may seem self evident to many. Yet, for the third-party certification industry, it has not always been the case."

LRQA introduced the concept of 'Business Assurance' in 2005, based on the results of client interviews and input from assessors. The genesis of the idea was about tying the assessment process to the performance of an organisation, including efficiency and effectiveness.

The introduction of a business-assurance assessment methodology connected LRQA’s industry-leading technical expertise and sector-specific experience with the risks and issues facing organisations and their respective industries.
Clients say they have already seen what LRQA Business Assurance can deliver for their management systems and their wider organisation.

Frederic Seralta, Quality Director, PUIG Beauty & Fashion Group, said: “Business Assurance, as delivered during LRQA assessments, indeed provides a real added value to the efficiency in the processes of PUIG France and to the continual improvement that guides all our operations.”

David Doherty, Health, Safety and Environment Manager for ALcontrol Laboratories in the UK quantified those benefits.

“LRQA Business Assurance certification doesn’t cost, it pays," he said. "ALcontrol Laboratories has saved over £100,000 since the implementation of our ISO 14001 certification with LRQA.”

The Business Assurance communications campaign highlights the unique benefits of an assessment process that is focused on improving performance and reducing risk. It features advertisements, online elements, new corporate literature and multimedia tools centred on the insight that LRQA Business Assurance offers to clients.

The global campaign combines client quotes and epic imagery to illustrate that LRQA sees the bigger picture and to communicate that 'LRQA Business Assurance helps you manage your systems and risks to improve and protect the performance of your organisation'.

With the external launch of LRQA’s new branding, local offices will begin implementing the new images on to their websites before incorporating the update into all of their communications channels, internal and external.

What makes LRQA Business Assurance the industry leader?

1) Unique Business Assurance Methodology

LRQA Business Assurance means applying our extensive industry knowledge to an organisation’s strategic and operational goals; helping to ensure that the key risks pertinent to a company’s sector as a whole and to their business in particular are addressed through the management system.

2) Themed Surveillance Approach

LRQA Business Assurance 'themed surveillance' takes the critical themes most important to an organisation’s business and examines them in detail to test the effectiveness of its management system. Together with LRQA’s risk-based methodology, themed surveillance ensures that assessment activity is focused on what matters most, and to whom it matters most.

3) Continual Improvement

Standing still is not an option in today’s business world. Continual improvement, as a key pillar of LRQA Business Assurance, helps to ensure that an organisation’s management system is enhanced to unlock its true potential, as well as helping to maintain any improvements long-term. The effectiveness of an organisation’s management system has to be measured in terms of the past, present and future performance of the organisation.


Notes to editors

LRQA is a member of the Lloyd’s Register Group. We are a leading independent provider of Business Assurance services including certification, validation, verification and training. The Group enhances the safety of life, property and the environment by helping our clients to ensure the quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure. It comprises charities and non-charitable entities, which support the charities in their main goal.

Celebrating 250 years of service

In 1760, 11 men met in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house to talk about publishing a list of ships, a register to define their quality and safeguard life and property carried on them. In the years since, we have applied our expertise across the energy and transportation sectors, helping to make the world a safer place. In 2010 the Lloyd's Register Group is celebrating 250 years of service and quality and we are looking forward to the new challenges the future brings.

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